About Us

At Avid Realty Partners our passion is owning Multifamily Apartments and Hotels that deliver the best possible Customer Experience, while generating robust risk-managed returns to our investors. In Multifamily apartments, we focus on Class B/C value-add properties in growth markets around the country where we proudly bring enhanced unit upgrades and property renovations to our Residents, improving their Quality of Life metrics. In Hotels, we build or buy properties that deliver everything that our Guests deserve, and more than they expect. We are proud of the hard work and results that our Team delivers everyday on behalf of our Customers and our Investors.

Adding Value Throughout the Process

On behalf of investors and institutional partners, we buy and operate real estate with the goals of cash flow, appreciation, and preservation of investor principal.

Property Sourcing

We tend to focus on top-tier cities that have the highest Population and Employment growth metrics. We work with many brokers, lenders, local professionals, and other contacts to source on-market and off-market Properties. We also pursue direct marketing activities to reach out to owners directly, with strong results from these initiatives that continue to pay dividends over time.

Deal Underwriting & Screening

We underwrite and analyze hundreds and hundreds of deals every year to ensure we only buy the best properties for our intended goals. We assess demographic trends, deal financial performance, rent boost potential, renovation requirements, and more to push the most attractive deals through our process funnel.

Asset Management

Once we purchase a property we reassess everything about how the property operates, including Staffing, Strategy, IT Systems, Marketing, and more. We carefully manage all renovations to ensure the right level of renovations are implemented, with carefully controlled costs, to maximize the return on our investment. We patiently manage our customer mix to ensure the best financial outcomes for our Properties.

Property Exit & Liquidity Event

We are continuously assessing the right time to either Sell or Refinance our Properties to maximize our Investors’ equity proceeds.We can increase the property’s Net income performance to make it more attractive for next potential owner or if we like to own the property then we refinance to get investors equity returned. Either way, maximizing our Investors’ Return on Equity is our primary focus.

Proven Performance

We have steadily grown our portfolio through multiple economic cycles. Starting with our first acquisition of 14 units, our portfolio has risen to 440 units under management as of year 2017.




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